Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dead Battery and a visit to Thailand Post

Went down this afternoon to Vanna, put my key into the ignition, turned it, and then nothing happened....yep it was a dead battery.  Should have noticed that the interior light didn't go on, but it was daytime and kinda bright.  Anyway, it was poor timing as I was going to meet Barnaby today to give him his goodies that he ordered and that I carried over.  After calling up Barnaby and arranging for a rain check, I called B to come back for a jump start.  

She came back, but her car battery is way too small for my truck and so we had to resort to plan B.  She had a number for someone in the area that would bring over a replacement battery and install it free of charge - all you gotta to do is call.  Even gave me an estimate over the phone - 3000 baht for a dry, maintenance free battery.

So about 15 minutes later, the guy shows up on a motorbike, complete with tools and is done in 5 minutes taking out the old and putting in the new.  No wonder there isn't a large network of roadside assistance like AAA here in the land of smiles.  The local shops do a fantastic job with emergency repairs.  Many of the car companies and insurance policy offer free roadside service too.  I've noticed very few actual 'tow' trucks as often even major repairs are done dangerously on the side of the road to keep the motorist going.

Is Vanna jealous of her counterpart Venessa in the USA?  Now ladies, you have to remember to share.

Thailand Post is the official postal service for the country.  Also available are the big companies like DHL and FEDEX, but they are used primarily for overseas and business purposes.  Many visitors and expats that live here are wary of the service, but I think many just don't understand how really good, reliable, fast, and inexpensive it really is.

I used the post offices a lot in Kalifornia and its a frustrating experience each time.  The lines are long and the service is slow.  To ad insult to injury, its costing us taxpayers a bundle as its losing billions every year.  Last year, it was $18 billion USD.

Here the service is friendly, efficient, and cheap and they are expecting to make 3 billion baht this year!  What's wrong with that picture?

Today I had to mail a package to a friend in Bangkok.  Couldn't personally deliver it because it was on the other side of town and tomorrow I am going upcountry.  So we decided to just have me send it via the postal service.  

They boxed and strapped the goods for 22 baht.
All I had to do was to take my stuff (3 bottles of vitamin supplements) down to the office and they have a section that will box it up, tape, and strap it for you.  Total cost was 22 baht.

Just pull a number from the machine.  In the background is the counter for boxing your items.

Then I pulled a number and sat down in aircon comfort and watched for it to come up.  I even hit the jackpot today - pulled number 777.

When your turn is called, you bring the package to the counter and the nice man gives you the options for delivery.  I took standard delivery and it cost me 26 baht.  Then I had my parking ticket validated and was on my way out in about 15 minutes total.

Notice everyone is still wearing black..

I have sent letters and packets inside and outside of the country with equally great service. Cost is very inexpensive for standard service and even priority or air mail is extremely cheap.

Now, all I need to do is to find myself a lotto vendor somewhere....sevenwinds...777..

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