Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finally home...

At home in the condo and resting peacefully.  

Just woke up from a four hour 'nap' and feeling pretty good.  

B and Marina picked me up at the airport and it was a grand reunion.  God, I missed them big time. Ella was with grandma and that was good because the car was over stuffed with my luggage.  Its a good thing that my longbow case was able to fit inside as the alternative would be to have it half way sticking out the window as we drove the freeway. 

Everyone was hungry so as soon as we got in, we ordered a large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut and chomped down like it was our last meal...555  Got to teach Marina to eat pizza the right way as she has been eating pizza the polite Thai way with a fork and spoon.  The proper way to eat pizza is with your hands my dear daughter...dripping and slobbering the cheese and stuff all over the table...555

Have you ever noticed how the Thais eat their KFC?  They gently pick the pieces apart with a fork, spoon, and knife and then neatly put the pieces into their mouths.  Hey, folks...have you heard of "finger licking good?"...555  The proper way is to just grab the chicken with you paws and eat.... Country folks eat a lot with their hands, but the BKK socially conscious crowd thinks eating with one's hands is not polite, crude,  and un-becoming of their social status.  I'm a finger licking good guy myself...so darn the social status (not that I had any to start with).

After a few chores here in the mango, I will likely head up to the country in the next few days and then be back early next week for a doctor's appointment.  

For now...Life is good, life is grand,  life is still beautiful in the land of smiles.


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