Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting new tags for Vanna and a new Steak Place

Yesterday I went through the process of paying Vanna's taxes and getting her sticker for next year.  It was surprisingly easy as I thought I needed a vehicle inspection but as it turned out, I was one year too early.  Its next year where I will need to have some kind of emission and walk around inspection.

I found that out only after I rolled into one of the inspection stations.  They can be identified by their yellow gear symbol sign (see left picture below) outside their businesses and there are many along the road to the land and motored vehicle department.

Before you get your registration sticker, you will need to provide proof of insurance and pay your vehicle tax.  It used to be that one had to fill out a form and then wait in the department office along with all the other people applying for driver's licenses, motorcycle registrations, etc.  Now, there are drive through windows if you have all your paperwork in order and your money ready.  Using the drive through window, I only had to wait about 10 minutes in the comfort of my car.

For my vehicles in Kalifornia, registration and payment by mail is the most often used option.  If for any reason you have to go to the DMV (department of motored vehicles), you will need an appointment from an online website.  Usually takes around a week in advance to get the date you want so its rather inconvenient.  Even with an appointment, it will usually take at least 30 minutes of waiting before someone helps you.  Expect no less from overpaid, union, bureaucrats, who spend more time socializing than working - even with people in line observing what they are doing!

With the registration out of the way and some breakfast, I went to the Archery range and met up with Bangkok buddy.  Haven't had the chance to do any kind of archery practice the last few weeks and it was also a chance to adjust one of my bows that I had gotten back from warranty.  Overall, it was fun and a good workout despite the warm weather and humid conditions.  We shot for about two hours before calling it quits.

 Afterwards, we went to THE STREET and had a late lunch or early dinner.  Walking around, we found a new place called STEAK GARAGE.  This place was very quiet and in fact for the longest time, we were the only ones in the place.  The guy out front told us we could get a pork chop steak and he would give us a free soda.  Total Cost was 189 bath each.  

As you can tell from the photo, the meal was not bad at all.  The meat was tender and moist and the mushroom gravy very tasty.  The bit of berry glaze was the perfect tart accent to the meat.  Vegetables were steamed carrots and potatoes.  Not a bulky or huge meal, but an excellent Paleo dieter's delight.

Total cost after tip was 220 baht each.  

Steak Garage is located on the fifth floor of The Street Mall (the old Robinsons) on Ratchada.  They have real Australian beef for around 380 baht and a variety of other grilled meats. My overall rating for the price and food quality is 4+ out of 5.  BB would rate it lower as he wanted a larger quantity of everything, but it was enough for me.  Would recommend and would go back again in the future.

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