Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good VS Evil

As we approach election day, never before in our lifetime will the results be more important. Never before have the lines been so clearly drawn and the issues so clear.  Never before has there been so much at stake.

On one hand is a complete control of all elements of life.  From the governance, justice and intelligence systems radiating outwards to every other aspect of our lives, we will have the government controlling our education (indoctrination), our environment, our health, and our financial systems.   With decision over the composition of the Supreme Court for decades to come, even the definition of life itself will be under governmental control.  For those that love government controls, that's great news.  But the government has shown its corrupt to the core and has no intent nor desire for the welfare of its citizens.  It wants only to enslave them through deception, debt, taxes, and laws for the benefit of a few.  It has so corrupted its founding principles that a peaceful transition of power will likely no longer be possible despite its claim of high morality and being a model of an ideal democracy which it tries to promote around the planet.

On the other hand, the people that have been subjugated under this current government are angry and disillusioned.  They have felt taken advantage of, and robed of their self determination and opportunity. They want a government that works for the people and not a government where the people work for the government.  So they feel a need to change all of it and to 'drain the swamp' of corruption and special interest money that has put these government officials in power. These people want a radical change and a 'do-over' but the evil forces that have taken control of the government see it as a threat to their existence.  The powers that be must stop this movement once and for all at any cost.

Thus the battle is set for the future of the world this week.  This may sound a bit dramatic or extreme, but as the most powerful military and economic country on the planet today, its leadership determines the fate, finances and future existence of billions on this planet directly or indirectly.  So you see, its really that important.

America, vote like OUR LIVES depend on it - please
This time critical slot in history leaves us no room for mistakes.  This is the final battle and there is no rematch, no recourse, and no other option unless a bloody armed rebellion takes place (which may still happen).  There is a fork in the road and the signs point the way to the future in a cryptic and unfamiliar language.  Read the signs clearly as one of the forks leads to our ultimate destruction. The other fork hopefully will lead us to another chapter of a brighter future.  Its going to be the choice of a lifetime and that is why I have devoted so much time on this blog to this election.  

Tuesday, is the final battle between good and evil on this planet.  Choose 'good' over 'evil'..for the sake of our future and future generations to come.  

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