Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Loy Krathong and the Super Full Moon

Happy Loy Krathong from the land of smiles.

For a first time in my lifetime, there is going to be a super full moon tonight.  The moon will be at its closest distance from the earth since January of 1948.  I am going out tonight in the back of the resort where its dark and enjoy with the family.  Hopefully, we can get some lanterns up and our Krathongs launched early and take out our chairs and watch the evening sky.

Definitely some pictures in tomorrow's post.

Now as regard to the is a different but interesting perspective.  Coincidentally, Sevenwinds pulled a 777 recently at the Thai post office - one week (November 2nd) before Trump was elected. This video post was made on November 5th before election day also.  Obviously it has a Jewish slant and interpretation, but never the less, still interesting.  Any truth to all of this stuff??  You be the judge. 

In the meantime, may all your wishes come true and that you and yours have a fantastic year ahead.

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