Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mango.....

Happy Thanksgiving from the Big Mango.

We had a great dinner yesterday, thanks to Barnaby who got us into the JUSMAGTHAI dinner special.  Great all you can eat salad bar, and lots of food.  Turkey, real mashed potatoes, veggies and even pumpkin pie!  Good food, good company, and a good time had for all.  

Didn't get a picture of the dinner plate, but did capture one of many strange events that have been occurring for me in the last few weeks.

When we paid for our dinner, we each got numbers for the waiters to bring out our meal choices. Without getting a choice, and in totally random order, I got the following:

Another '7' came up on a ticket didn't have to do anything special for me....or is this an omen for something very lucky about to happen?  

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