Saturday, November 5, 2016

Is this the false flag event?

Desperate times call for desperate measures....US threatens Cyber War against Russia.

With Trump getting closer to the magic 270 number in the rapidly changing polls, the people of power in the swamp are getting very scared.  As I inferred in a previous post, look for a false flag as a precursor to war or a means to halt the election.  "False flag" is a term derived from warfare when enemy ships flew 'friendly' or 'neutral' country flags to get close to their opponents before opening fire on them.  In modern times, its creating an event and then making it look like someone was responsible.  Its a method of diversion and deception - and that is what is happening here.

The FBI has already cleared Trump of any association with the Russians and he looks like he has a decent chance of winning it all by himself now, so why the need for the government to take any addition action at this point?  Doesn't make any sense.  The only reason is to stop more damaging leaks from coming out on the CGI cartel that might bring countless individuals at the highest levels to task for their involvement.  Insiders say there is a war underway within the US government agencies over the emails and information contained in Weiner's laptops and desktops.  Some agencies have been corrupted and there is a group of those trying a 'counter coup' to out the bad guys controlled by the NWO from taking over the government via this election. 

Shutting down the internet is a priority to the NWO right now as the MSM has been discredited and people are finding information directly from alternative internet websites.  Wiki leaks is internet based as are many of the websites that challenge the integrity and objectivity of the MSM.  Knock out the internet in the last few days of the election and you effectively muzzle any damaging information yet to be released.  Set up the Russians as a scapegoat first so that they can be blamed for the whole thing.

Notice that the MSM is reporting this first - NBC even - the most liberal of the MSM alphabet networks.  Another indication that this is a setup.

Be prepared for a widespread outage on the internet as we get closer to election day. The last one we had was as many people suspected, a trial run for the upcoming false flag event.  This outage will not be the fault of the Russians, but the people that have the most to lose - those that are living in the swamps of Washington.

There doesn't seem to be a limit to the evil we are facing in this upcoming election cycle.  

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