Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Loy Krathong 2016

It was very obvious yesterday that the celebrations were very low key.  Most of the larger events that are held up here were either cancelled or toned down a lot due to the death of HRM.  In the tourist areas like BKK, Chiang Mai, etc., I believe that most of those events were allowed to proceed as normal

Our evening was very pleasant.  We celebrated at the resort with family and even invited our guests staying at the resort to join us.  We launched out Krathongs in the lake across from the resort instead of our usual spot in Ban Khwao pond where the festival is held.

Adults and kids alike love these lanterns

Our resort guests were having a lot of fun too!
Fortunately, we are not in a restricted area where sky lanterns are banned.   There is no airport for two to three hours in any direction and our resort is surrounded by water and or rice land so there is no danger of setting anything on fire from stray lanterns.

All staged and ready to go....
We were able to get about 20 lanterns from a reluctant seller in Chaiyaphum.  The launching of sky lanterns are prohibited in the city and we had to convince them we were outside the city limits where its not banned.  Unlike last year, they were rather plain, but all of them launched without a hitch.

Sevenwinds does his part, with Supermoon in the background!
Spent some time looking at the super duper Moon last night and it was spectacular.  So many stars out as the sky was clear.  Hopefully, we will be back in Bangkok on Wednesday.  Have to go to the Isuzu dealership today to get Vanna her regular service.  

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