Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No aircon last two nights

The lake is full and the water is ahh so blue..

There are only a handful of days in the year where one can brag that we didn't use any air conditioning here in the land of smiles.  This week is one of those weeks where aircon is not needed for most of the day.  Evenings are cool and in the 60s and our aircon in the condo in Bangkok is usually set for around 79F so leaving the windows open works just fine the last couple of days up here in the country.  The rest of the family is counting on the inside of the bungalows being warmer than the outside instead of the other way around because they claim its cold.  I just find it so amusing, but at the same time I relish the winters here.

Just came back from visiting the bamboo fields and the market.  I wanted to get an assessment of them because we had some flooding during the last few months.  The plants seemed to have taken hold despite some parts of the fields being under three feet or more of water.  Not all the bamboo fared the same.  The Nana bamboos were severely impacted while the super 'drought and flood resistant' asper strain did just fine.  The fields are almost completely dry and the plants are still sticking up about 3 feet in height.  The super strong ones are almost 6 feet in height.

This is the back field, which was under 3 feet of water

Stunted growth but they survived.  Next year they will be just fine

This is the front field.  It was partially submerged, but the plants are also doing well.
Field still needs to be weeded in the next week or so after everything is totally dry
My two expensive black aspers survived, which was a big concern.

My very expensive giant black Asper - both survived

The market is slowing making progress as well.  We have planted hedges and shade trees and they survived the rainy season pretty well.  There is still about a year or more before these plants are big enough for us to shape them for shade and to landscape the market.  These are both long term projects and that was understood when we took them on.  The market is going to take at least 2 years to develop and the bamboo plantation will not get a meaningful harvest for 5 years at the earliest.  Once completed, these will hopefully generate an income stream for many years ahead without too much extra work and or capital expenditure.  We just have to be patient and not get discouraged at how long it takes.

Hedges growing and they will be shaped in a few weeks

These are 'da gulp' trees - Fast growing shade tree with berries
this tree is only a few months old!  We have a whole bunch of them for the market
Will likely be going to the mango for a few days to pick up some golf clubs and stuff for my golf date with my Thai friends next week.  It will also give me a chance to do some Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers and stuff for the kids.  Heading back over to the other bookend in less than a month so time is it always is here in the land of smiles.

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