Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On the new AIS Fiber network

Its been more than 24 hrs now on the new AIS fiber network and things seem to be running quite well. Haven't noticed as big a change in moving from 10MB to 20MB download speed as previous upgrades.  I don't blame that on my local ISP service because ultimately, the speed to a website is determined by the smallest and slowest connection in the pathway.  For those websites that are abundant with bandwidth, the speeds are excellent.  For those that are heavily used or run from a home server, don't expect that just because you have a 20MB connection that the connection on the other end is going to feed data to you at the same speed.  How many 'hops' you have to make before you get to your destination and the connection speed between hops also impact ultimate speed.

In general however, I am glad to have made the change.  Fiber is more reliable and faster, and AIS even supplied a new VDSL router for the installation.  The whole process took about 45 minutes from start to finish.  My monthly cost will also go down to 295 baht a month for six months and then 590 baht from then on.  A twelve month commitment was required - not a big deal as I don't plan on going anywhere or being without internet service for a year.  Its cheaper than what I currently pay to TRUE for slower ADSL service.

Lastly, an interesting thing happened when I went to the TRUE office to turn in my modem and discontinue my present service.  To try to save my account, they offered me my existing service for only 99 baht a month if I didn't switch.  As tempting as it was, I declined.  But as an afterthought, I should have said yes, and kept both services.  That way, I could have two service providers and two connections in my condo for less than 400 baht a month!  Could be streaming on one connection, downloading on the other, and doing all kinds of stuff without any bandwidth restrictions...but its too late now...

Planning to meet up with Barnaby and BB tonight for the JUSMAGTHAI turkey dinner.  The facility is located within walking distance from the condo and that leaves time for another turkey tomorrow night at Majestic Grand.  First time in my lifetime for two turkey dinners for Thanksgiving.  Now, I just have to watch the quantity of food I eat because it could takes weeks of dieting to make up for all this holiday food.

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