Sunday, November 27, 2016

One year after..

It was around this time last year when I had my hernia operation.  I remember at the time thinking how it was like to get the surgery and how the recovery would be and would there be any long term effects.  The operation went smoothly and as I remember, I had very little pain or discomfort.  The doctor described how afterwards, I would feel as though I had done one or two more sit-ups than usual and that there would be a slight tightness.  Didn't even feel that and once the pain medication wore off, I took only two Tylenol tablets a couple of nights after I left the hospital to help me sleep. By about the end of the 4th day after the operation, I was able to drive myself to the store for supplies.  

Now, a year later I don't even know that I had the operation unless I am reminded of it by some trigger.  The recovery was complete and there are no restrictions or side effects.  In fact, I am back at the gym working out even stronger than before the operation.  Thank god for the wonders of modern medicine.

For those contemplating surgery for a hernia, I would say "just do it".  Make sure you get a great surgeon that uses a minimally invasive procedure.  Using this procedure, only three tiny holes are needed and it done using a tiny camera to see inside.  A day or two in the hospital and a few weeks maximum of conservative recovery and you are like new again.  If you get it done here in the mango, I have some recommendations for you to consider.  You even get a DVD of the operation for your future entertainment viewing...555

I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, so I get backflow of blood due to leaking valve

In a few weeks, its likely I will have to undergo some additional surgery to correct my mitral heart valve.  This too will be a minimally invasive procedure, but albeit a lot more complicated and serious. But still, its best to have it done when I am still young  (relatively speaking), and healthy.   Hope that it will go as smooth as the hernia operation last year.  In the meantime, I want to get as healthy as possible before the procedure.

We didn't make it to the zoo yesterday, hopefully it going to be today.

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