Saturday, November 26, 2016

Perfect Weather....

I'm posting from the resort today.  Drove up yesterday late morning and arrived early afternoon after encountering some traffic in the mango.  Once up here, its quite noticeable that the weather is much cooler and more pleasant than in Bangkok.  For one, the humidity is lower and so is the overall high for the day.  In the evening, it will drop into the high 60's (around 17C) and we have a mild breeze. During the day, it might go up to a high of around 89F so most of the day is in the 70s and low 80s.

When the weather is cooler, I feel more productive and like to spend more time outdoors.  Its always shorts weather and up here, even more so because it more casual and laid back in the country.  

Took everyone out for pizza last night at the Pizza Company.  Its located inside our Tesco mall and is the only pizza joint within a 90 minute drive, so there's an opportunity for someone with the right skills to make some money here with a good Italian restaurant.  Pizza Company was packed last night and their pizzas are only average by my standards.

Star Tiger Zoo Water Attraction

Other than that, its just time to chill out with the kids and maybe take them to the local zoo.  We are not interested in the animals (they are pretty sad really), but like the water park that is attached to the zoo.  There are water slides and lots of kiddie pools and Marina just loves the water.  Its either that or we go to Tatton Waterfall for a few hours....either way, a good way  to spend the weekend.

Its typically not as crowded like shown here.  Only a few families around, especially
during the winter season like this week.

ahh...this is more like it..

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