Thursday, November 10, 2016

Posting from Upcountry

Tale of the data.

Wonderful, Islands (Hawaii) like weather for a while.  The weather has not been too hot in the mango the last few days, but the weather here at the resort is awesome tonight.  It looks like clear, perfect weather all through Loy Krathong, which is November 14th this year.  The lows will be around 71F (21C) to highs at 88F (31C).  A breeze of 8-10 KM/hr will be blowing and there is no rain in sight.  Its a lot more pleasant than the mango and Pattaya by the water as they are expecting rain further south.

The resort is 1/2 full tonight, but the week forward (starting from tomorrow night) is booked solid. Some kind of big celebration at one of the Wats in the area, and besides its the weekend before Loy Krathong.  Always something happening here so we are seldom bored except during the hottest times of the year...555

Everyone getting their lanterns ready for launch last year
Speaking of Loy Krathong, its going to be allowed this year but people have been asked to tone it down due to the death of HRM.  Its always been pretty tame here anyway with only food concessions and a beauty contest or two.  We are still going to launch our Krathongs and lanterns because its a beautiful tradition and its still allowed in our area of the country.   

We made them out of balloons last year.
Looks like protests are popping up around certain USA schools regarding the election.  Likely Soros funded, indoctrinated zombies we call students nowadays.  100 million people voted and the results were legit.  That's how its done here in the USA.  YOU LOST, get over it snowflakes.  Go home and study so you can attend class tomorrow and be real students and not useful idiots.  

Time to put an end to politics for another four years.  There is too much else to do in this beautiful world.

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