Saturday, November 19, 2016

Switching ISPs next week

Competition is good for the consumer.  I've been  using True Online internet for the last 10 years and no one has really contacted me about any free upgrades or service improvements.  The only time someone comes by is when I call to complain about not having any service.

As I was walking pass the receptionist's desk in the lobby the other day, I saw a flyer from AIS fibre offering a special package with faster speed AND a lower price. I am paying 599 baht now for 12 MB download/1.5 upload speed with True Internet.  On the other hand, AIS is offering a 20/7 service for only 590 baht reduced to 531 baht per month if I am a AIS mobile customer (which I am).  There is no service contract in play so its a no brain-er.  I am going to switch.

I haven't used AIS internet services before, only True and TOT,  but I am sure that AIS is buying bandwidth from one of these vendors or CAT. Details of all the packages from AIS are here:

The interesting thing about these offers is that you can also order video streaming and different TV packages as well.  This might be worth considering once my True Visions yearly package expires. 

They asked what day I wanted to have this installed and I said Tuesday - and guess what?  Its all set up for next week with no hassle at all.  That folks, is how to do business!

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