Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Already?

Can't believe that its Thanksgiving week already.  Where does time go?

I once described time living here in the Land of Smiles as being as smooth and fast as stream water flowing quickly over polished rocks.  Before you know it, time is gone and events come up one after another with only brief lapses and images of what happened in-between.  That is why I am glad to have this blog.  Its a snapshot of my life during any given period and provides something for me to look back upon at a later date.  I don't know how many times I have gone back to see exactly what I did on a specific day or when I did something because so much seems to be happening and/or my mental capacity to remember details is rapidly declining - or both!

This week's plans are to take care of Vanna's tax and registration, meet with AIS to install my new fiber internet service to the condo, have Thanksgiving dinner with BB and Barnaby on Wednesday.  I have a bit of shopping to do and even a trip to the archery range and golf driving range planned.  If everything goes off well, I will be heading back upcountry on Friday.

Being so far away won't stop me from some of the Black Friday sales from the online retailers. Being in a different time zone does have its advantages and midnight is mid-morning for me here.  A deal is a deal, no matter where you are located.  Since I will be back before Christmas, I can bring back what I ordered or have the gifts ready before all the parties.

Monday, Monday.....still another great day in the land of smiles.  A classic from the Mama and Papas.

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