Friday, November 4, 2016


 Posting from the resort.

We came up yesterday afternoon and I've been kind of vegetating the last couple of days trying to get over jet lag.  Its great to be home in the land of smiles.  Especially great to be here this time of year as the weather is extremely pleasant.

The weather here for this time of year feels like paradise.  The temperature range was 71F to 87F today, with most of the day in the 80s with a mild breeze. B's father is wearing a jacket complaining its cold in the morning while I am taking my morning walks with shorts and a Tee shirt...555.  Marina loves it up here and so does Ella.  Fresh country air, lots of space, and sunshine is the prefect recipe for raising kids - not bad for adults either.

We're nearly done moving some of the buildings from B's aunt's property to the resort.  She had a very nice teak house that we moved and we are currently adding a large attached bathroom to it. Teak houses are very expensive and cost more to build than the typical brick and cement structures one sees nowadays.  They are a lot harder to take care of and maintain, but labor is inexpensive and I love the look of wood.

Kimber 1911 .45ACP
Got an offer for a handgun today that I am considering.  I can't legally own one, but B can buy it legally and it becomes something that 'we' can both use for home protection.  I have a stainless steel version of the handgun in the States and know that its a decent quality 1911 for general purpose use. Would have liked a Wilson Combat or Colt but they are very expensive here. I love the 1911s, collect them, and have a few that I have modified and even have a custom Infinity build of one.

Cost of handguns is double to triple the value that I can buy them for new in the US,  but that is the way the market works here.  Don't know what the world is going to bring us, but the election is going to be a game changer that is going to be felt around the world.  Just wanted to be prepared for anything that might come up -- even here in the land of smiles.  It will offer an extra option to be used at home here at the resort - especially because there is so few people around.

Lets keep the record straight here.  I am not a wanna be Rambo gun nut nor do I take the possession of, or use any firearm in an irresponsible manner.  Also, I just like to collect and shoot and participate in all kinds of target sports, including archery.  All options will be used to protect myself and family from the crazies of the world.  So all the liberal gun control nuts out there can just go out and pound sand.   You will need those harden hands when the bad guys attack you and the police take 20 minutes or more to arrive.

Will be back in the mango late Sunday so in the meantime, its a bunch of chores and repairs and trying to keep up with the news.

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