Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Back in the Mango...

Been back in the mango for about 24 hours.  Got back late yesterday afternoon but was too tired to do anything so I took a long nap.  I had plans to visit MBK the big part of today but had to change plans when Bangkok buddy contacted me for a late lunch.  

I still managed to get a couple of hours of looking around at MBK and did accomplish getting a heavy sweatshirt and a few hats made.  These are not ordinary hats, but our very own blog hats with the Sevenwinds logo!  See the pictures below!  

These hats are super exclusive and not available for sale anywhere.  They can only be gotten FREE from me if you see me in person and give the secret passwords:  "I want one of your stupid hats". While supplies last only.  If the demand is great, I'll have a few more made.  Remember you got to ask me in person and give the secret phrase above.

We spared no expense...they are adjustable too..555

Anyway, had lunch with BB at Sizzler and then coffee at the new Holly's in Central Rama 9. Tomorrow, its the grand opening of Rouge One and we have seats at the 2PM showing in 4DX at the Paragon Cineplex.  Should be lots of fun as last time, there were all the costumed characters there for pictures and selfies.

That is it for now.  Countdown is only 8 days before the ride on the big silver bird to Kalifornia.

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