Sunday, December 4, 2016

Back upcountry

After a little break in the Mango, I'm back in the country at the resort.  It was a good couple of days in the mango.  Aside from picking up my clubs, some clothing, and some shopping, I also had a chance to have dinner with Bangkok Buddy yesterday.  He has been down with the flu most of the week and it was a chance for him to get out and so we decided on a buffet.

Ending up going to Shabushi at the Rama III mall.  This is a sister chain of Oishi so the quality is a bit higher notched than Hot Pot buffet, etc.  They offer some great sushi choices too plus the hot pot, plus drinks, plus fruits and ice cream!  Since I am trying to watch my diet, this was the first buffet in a while and we both kinda pigged out on everything.  Total cost came out to 400 baht per person - not cheap, but a very good selection of quality dishes was offered.  If you haven't been to one of these before, the ingredients for your shabu or hot pot are loaded onto plates that revolve around a moving belt throughout the restaurant.  As the plates come by, you pull off what you want and put the stuff into the pot.  Someone comes around and gathers all your empty plates and keeps everything neat. Eat your fill and then somehow roll yourself out the door after paying.

Yum.  Some 'elephant ear' moss and noodles

Afterwards, we hung out a bit at Starbucks,  trying to let the meal digest and 'BS'ing about nothing special.  It was a great change of pace and treat for me as I don't have access to these chains up in the country.  

This morning I got a call from B saying that I better get on the road early.  Did I remember that it was Father's day weekend?  It totally slipped my mind as I was thinking the King's birthday 12/5 is also traditionally Father's day.  But since the king died this year and a new king ascended to the throne, do we celebrate the new king's birthday or Rama IX's birthday?  B says get up here and we'll celebrate this date until we are told otherwise.  

Jumping onto the road early, the traffic was heavy but manageable.  What made matters bad was that road work was underway at many locations, creating backups.  Don't they realize that traffic during a holiday weekend is really heavy and that roadwork should maybe be postponed until after the holiday weekend is over ?  But this is Thailand...two lanes being repaved in the worse place of the drive...causing a big headache for hundreds if not thousands of drivers.  Good thing this was Sunday and not Friday.

Anyway, I'm home again and just got some food --- that means its time for a nap.  Life is good, life is great in the land of smiles. 

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