Monday, December 19, 2016

da Beach...

Water under our beach chairs

Spent yesterday at the beach in Hua Hin.  Being Sunday, it was a bit busy plus you can tell its high season as there were many tourists in town.  Yesterday, the tide was also unusually high which shrank the beach to beach chairs only size.  Even the beach chairs were standing over the water when we got there.  It was so high that we would get the occasional splash from the waves and had to put all our belongings and bags on chairs.   As the day progressed, the water receded somewhat but this is the highest water that I've seen since we've been coming to this beach (more than 10 years).  My guess is that its the supermoon impact and yesterday's alignment with the sun being behind us on the beach.

Rajabhakti Park, Hua Hin

Prior to getting to the beach, we also took B's mom to visit Rajabhakti Park.  This is a fairly new attraction which opened in Hua Hin a couple of years ago that features a pavilion surrounded by giant bronze statues of some of the more prominent kings of Thailand's history.  Its very popular during the weekends with the locals and tourists and is only about 5 km due south of Hua Hin proper.  Note:  the best time to visit is in the morning - otherwise the sun will be to the back of the statues and you will not see the details in your photos and the front will be in shadows with a very bright background.  We stopped for a few family pictures and then headed to the beach for some food and fun.

Spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach playing and eating.  Marina made friends with a group of people from Singapore who brought a unicorn float.  But it didn't float very well and we all got a laugh just watching them trying to stay up.  

Ella loves the beach too...

Ella had a blast too.  It was her first time to the beach and grandma had never been to Hua Hin either so it was a double treat for us to take them.  For me, this is what family and kids are all about - fun together, eating together, and spending time together in each other's company.  If we do more of that, I think the world would be a nicer place and the planet would be the land of smiles and not just Thailand.....

My perfect 10 - Bo Derek you got  competition
That's it for this morning.  Archery with BB at the range this afternoon and then more food and shopping tonight and tomorrow.  Three more days......

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