Monday, December 12, 2016

Decided on the LED lights

The electrician showed up early this morning with a choice of LED lights.  We decided over the weekend that the tubes were not going to be good enough for long term use.  The nice thing about our electrician is that he always gives us choices and prices for all the options we want and is very honest with prices and information.  Anyway, here were the choices from the back of his pickup truck.  The pole at the top of the pickup bed is the mounting pole for the fixture.

We (B's father and I) decided on the Newton 50W with multiple LEDs.  Its rated IP65 against the elements and because its LED, the life of the fixture should be very long.  The 50W fixture we selected was 3,200 baht apiece, but they also had a 60W version for 4,300 baht.  We needed a total of six, so the overall cost won't be overly expensive.  I will get the bill tomorrow morning because I think they are going to finish the job today.

So the plan is still to be back in the mango by Tuesday - what time is to be determined.

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