Friday, December 9, 2016

Fantastic golf getaway......

Just got back from a great golf getaway.  The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few weeks and yesterday's golf was as close to perfect as I can remember in a long time.  Could play all 18 holes without breaking a sweat and actually enjoyed being outside.  Golfers who play here often know that these conditions are very rare as most of the time we are underneath our umbrellas or hiding in the shade to fight the intense sun and heat.  Played all day without an umbrella and only drank one bottle of water.

Our home for the evening

Next to a creek which can be accessed via the steps
Our stay at Khao Yai was very nice.  I didn't realize that we couldn't stay at Creston Hills because it wasn't finished yet.  Its pretty much sales offices and lots and buildings under construction. We stayed instead at another resort owned by the company that is used for guests contemplating buying or needing a place to stay while visiting the Khao Yai area.  Its called Anyamanee resort and is set in a wooded, creek side venue.  The house we were given accommodates 15 people and rents for 15K - 20K per night, depending on the time and season.  We had the place to ourselves and there was only four of us.

All the hills surrounding the homes are part of Khao Yai

The Creston Hills development was spectacular.  It is set right next to and borders in some places, Khao Yai National park.  The gate to the park is walking distance from homes in the development which are just off the main road. Its similar to having a house within walking distance to the Yosemite National Park gate in California. Also, I was wrong about the prices of the homes here.  I said the cost was 50-94 million baht for the houses, but its for the lot/land only - houses are extra so expect to not get in under 100 million baht.  There will however, eventually be an exclusive low rise condo and shopping mall for those with lesser means.

One of the models...

How about your own pool outside the dinning room

Imagine this view from your bedroom

Lots are all set up with underground utilities
The only disappointment is the road (Hwy 2090) going to Khao Yai Park from the main freeway.  Its crammed with resorts, restaurants, and other attractions for many miles.  

These are huge resorts, shopping venues, and themed restaurants and attractions that are uncharacteristic of the area and reminds me of commercial development gone wild.  That is one reason why this development is so nice as its away from all the chatter and noise of this venue.  

Back at the Anyamanee resort we were staying at, Mr. S  and the second in charge of the development outdid themselves with a special seafood dinner brought to our dining room.  There were two styles of fish prepared and two different kinds of giant lobsters in addition to the soup, veggies, etc.  These  lobsters were was prepared traditional style with seasoning and nuts and the other was served raw.  Both were fresh and live before the chefs prepared them.  A really special and memorable dinner at a very special and memorable place.

This was the raw lobster tail packed in ice, served Japanese style with Wasabi 

Prepared with spices, nuts, and garlic...yum
The golf experience was also great.  The course remains the same.  Its a relatively easy resort style course with wide fairways but tricky greens.  Plenty of bunkers and water hazards keep you honest. Didn't do too badly in the round, collecting bragging rights by winning 180 baht out of a maximum of 200. But the most important thing was being with friends in an almost perfect getaway.

As they say, those that play together stay together...555

Golf course is ready for the New Year
The land of smiles.  There is so much really to smile about and I have a really big smile on my face today too thinking about the last two days....

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