Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Last full day in the Mango...

Its the last full day in the mango.  In just over 30 hours, I will be making my way over to the airport for the ride on the big silver bird to Kalifornia.  Spent most of yesterday shopping for myself.  If you are curious what a resident of the mango brings for himself back to Kalifornia, here are some examples:  Bottle of lime juice and a package of lime powder, some Thai chilli paste, variety of soy sauces, pre-packaged spices for Tom Yum dishes, five spices dishes, 3 packs of Birdy 3 in 1 coffee packets, and of course, Tong Garden peanuts.  I also bought some shampoo and conditioner (cheaper and better than Kalifornia), some liquid body soap, and some paper products (tablets, envelopes, etc.).  Most of the stuff is pretty boring but I buy them here because they are cheaper than I can get them for in Kalifornia.

Also bought some warm clothing.  My sweatshirts in Kalifornia are getting a bit worn out so I bought a couple of light weight jackets and an insulated sweatshirt.  Also fount a Nautica  bomber 'grab' jacket for tossing in the back of the truck for those unexpected situations. It was dirt cheap at one of the outlet stores because it was a rust color and too bright to wear during this period in the land of smiles.  Aside from online retailers like Duluth Trading, or Cabelas, I don't shop at department stores for clothing anymore because I can't bear the prices they charge for clothes that I can get the same for much much less.  A tip for those expats with normal western size bodies - most of the clothes here in the LOS will not fit you.  I have to scour the export shops to find clothes to fit me and I am only a standard size L.  The sizes on the clothing here in the Thai shops are local sizes, and they are at least two sizes smaller than western sizes (i.e. XXL = L)

Lastly, Makro had a bunch of stocking stuffers for between 250-350 baht ($7-$10 USD).  Bought a few of those for the 'exchange gifts under $20' events this holiday season.   

I am going to check with bank if I send this in or just give to them to process....

I have to visit the bank today to set up auto payment for my AIS Fibre account. Due to the promo, my bill for the next six months is only going to be 336 baht per month. For those expats that plan on being away for some period, you might want to consider setting up auto payment for such things like utilities, phone, internet, cable TV, etc.  I've always had to take my id and bank books to the bank and have one of the officers fill out the paperwork for me to make it happen.  It usually takes about 2 months to kick into effect.  I noticed on the back of my AIS bill that there is a pre-printed form that allows auto payments, but it still requires a signature from an authorized bank officer.

Also have planned a visit to the salon to pick up some hair coloring and hopefully a quick dash into the new Pantip plaza for a quick look.  I have access to some hypo-allergic herbal hair coloring for those like me who are allergic to commercial hair dyes.  Found out about it through a lot of trial and error while I still owned the salon.  I plan on bringing some back to Kalifornia for personal use and some people who told me it also works for them. Its potentially a very good eBay money maker if I chose to do it some day.  If I can get all that done today, I can finally sit down for a relaxing dinner out tonight and sleep peacefully knowing that I didn't forget anything major.

Got to get going in a bit...long day ahead..hoping to make every minute count.

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