Tuesday, December 27, 2016

That crazy period between Christmas and New Year...

Christmas was fun.  Went to a couple of parties which included spending some time with my grand daughters.  They are at an age when they still believe that Santa is real, so if you have any kids still at that age, don't let them read this blog and shatter their belief in old Saint Nick!  

And don't forget the other toys I asked for next year OK?
Spent the days preceding the parties looking for last minute gifts and wrapping what I had.  Tried to get into Costco - gave up due to traffic.  Decided to walk to Bay Street which was the correct strategy because there were just too many cars out and not enough parking.  It did indicate that this Christmas season was great for the retailers.  I think that people are more optimistic of the economic future due to the elections and/or the rising stock market.  Whatever the reason, there were LOTS of people out buying stuff, even on Christmas eve.

Stock Photo of how it normally looks like, but yesterday couldn't even get in
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Yesterday was no better.  I tried to get into the San Francisco Outlet Center in Livermore, only to get stuck in the parking lot for over 90 minutes before leaving in disgust.  We even brought along my 96 year old Godmother and had her handicap parking permit available with no avail. Once inside the lot, it was impossible to get out and every single space was taken.  The afternoon wasted, we went off to an early dinner instead.

Today, I plan on another try at Costco.  I need to buy some glucosamine and vitamins which were all used up while I was in the land of smiles.  The best value and quality for Glucosamine is the Kirkland brand.  I usually buy about 5-6 bottles every time  I travel here to California for people back home who swear it has relieved their joint pain.  Know it works wonders for me.  It is sometimes on sale at MBK on the 3rd floor where they have the kiosks with foreign beauty products, etc. but its about double the price it costs here.  FYI, Glucosamine is very expensive in the land of smiles and is usually in powdered form only.

In the meantime, its holiday time in the bay area and time to get ready for the new year...and whatever it will bring.

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