Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Market is getting some power

The electrician that did nearly all the work on our resort was over the other day to finish the job on the teak house that we moved over from B's aunt property.  He said he was finishing in a day or so and asked if there was any other work since he is between jobs.

It so happens that we are at a point where we will soon need power to the market next to the resort. You can't do anything without electrical service these days and so I ordered three power poles to be installed with separate breakers.  This is in anticipation that we will have a need for lights during the evening hours of the market and for security lighting in general.  That was just three days ago.  

These are 9 meter poles

Today, I found three poles all set up and the electrician in the process of string up the power lines. Wow, talk about fast service!  and the cost was not too bad either - less than $90 USD per pole, materials and labor all included.  Naturally, I chose the heavy duty wiring the the best, weather proof breaker boxes for the job.  I think I also need to add some fluorescent lights at some point, but that can come after the job is done.  

Someone came in the day before and bored the holes for the poles

Cemented tie-down and grounding stakes

Back in Kalifornia, I think that I would need several months and all kinds of permits in order to get this done.  It would be immensely more expensive to boot.  Don't worry, we have plenty of power from the resort and this electrician's work in top notch.  When the resort was being built, we paid for a special commercial feed and transformer for our present and future needs. Infrastructure wise, we are now in great shape with plenty of water, power, and internet service.  

We paid the power company to bring in extra power and our own transformer many years ago
With the electrical service completed, we need some drinkable water to the market but that can come later.  There is plenty of water for irrigation from the klong around the property.  Have to now just sit back and wait for the plants and trees to grow.   Nothing more fun than watching grass grow right?

These are going to be neatly trimmed hedges someday


  1. May want to consider LED lighting instead of fluorescent. LED lasts and maintain their lumen output much longer and are more energy efficient than fluorescents. You may have to pay a bit more upfront cost but will save money in operations and maintenance in the long run.


  2. Hey Geo,
    You're right! That's a great idea and we'll look for them at the local stores. As I remember you are in this line of work for ages and greatly appreciate your expertise. Don't be a stranger now and drop a line when you get into town next time.

  3. Aloha Sevenwinds,

    Long time no see. Hope all is well.

    An additional benefit of LED lighting is that it operates cooler (not hot to the touch like fluorescents, since LED lighting doesn't require a heat generating ballast to operate). This is especially beneficial if you plan to install new lighting indoor, in an air conditioned space. Less heat output from the LED light fixtures means your AC won't have to work as hard, resulting in a lower electric bill.

    Yes, I've been in this line of work for over 30 years now. Looking to retire in a few more years.

    I will be back in town on 12/22. Will give you a call if you are still in BKK at that time. You are still at the same number right?

    Take care,

  4. Hey Geo,
    Unfortunately I will be going to Kalifornia for the holidays on the 22nd and then for my heart surgery in January. I expect to be back in the LOS in March or as soon as I get my Dr's clearance to travel. Hopefully on your next trip back we can finally get together.

    Enjoy the holidays here. Weather has been great.

    1. Hi Sevenwinds,

      It's good to hear the weather has been nice. I always enjoy the relatively cooler weather in BKK around this time of the year.

      I hope you have a safe trip back to Kali and a fast recovery from your heart surgery. We can get together sometime later next year when both of us will be in town.

      Happy holidays!



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