Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trying to wrap things up at the resort

With only about 10 days left on this bookend, I'm trying to wrap things up and dole out assignments for work to be done while I am away.  Since I will be away for up to three months (longest in years), I have to make sure everything can run smoothly and automatically or by remote control.  Its been over three years since we opened the resort and the business side of it is  pretty much under control.  The capital improvements and the market project will take a bit more coordination.

The electricians were around  yesterday with some hardware they wanted me to choose from.  Taking advice from Geo, we are going to be using LED lights.  They have LED lights in tube form (type C with external driver) that can fit the same fixture sizes as the fluorescent lights and gives out more efficient light using less wattage.  The life expectancy is also significantly greater (up to 84,000 hours).

The electricians have pulled the lines and set up the breaker boxes and outlets at each pole.  All that is remaining is for me to choose the fixture styles and output and they should be here Monday.

The other market project we are working on is the planting of some more shade trees.  I've had my eyes on some black afara (Terminalia Ivorensis) trees at one of the local nurseries. In Thailand's sunny and high heat climate, shade is a premium so any kind of fast growing shade tree is highly coveted.  I ended up buying 5 of them for around 6000 baht altogether, which included delivery.  B's father and nephew are out there this morning planting them.  This is the perfect weather for landscaping work as its not as hot as normal and its also easier on the plants and trees as well.

Here is a video (In Thai) which so how they are supposed to look like when they are grown.  They are huge by comparison to any of the trees we have now on the market property so it should be fun watching them grow in the next couple of years.

Hope to get back to the mango late Monday or Tuesday.  Planning on going to the Rouge One premier at Siam Paragon on the 15th and in 4DX to boot!  And a bit of a taster and teaser from the following trailer...

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