Thursday, January 19, 2017

Critical Time in US History

These next few days are going to test the US model of government to its fullest.  It will test the concept and belief that a "peaceful transfer of power" is possible among humans.  In theory, its make sense for civilized people to participate in this process because it preserves what everyone calls their country.  But history has shown, this is easier said than done.  Even in the great Roman "Republic", there was anything but a peaceful transition when Cesar was killed by Cassius and Brutus...which lead to the Roman "Empire" and centuries of Emperor rule.

Unless this inauguration comes off well, the US can never look at other countries again and insist on doing things the democratic way.  After all,  we are supposed to be the shining examples for all to follow.

In the land of smiles, even the commercial companies realize that patriotism sells.  It reminds me of my childhood while growing up in the States and why I love to call it home nowadays.

Why can't we do more to be unifying instead of divisive ?  After all, its supposed to be one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all......

He was a real President and a patriot.  This is how a farewell address should sound like and how a peaceful transfer of power should be.


  1. I think one significant difference is that the US is a multiracial (Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid) society, while Thailand isn't (Mongoloid). One less divisive factor in Thailand.

  2. While its true that the US has a greater diversity in term of racial mix, the division that is plaguing the nation is not based on race, but political views driven by social and moral values. While the Democrats promote they are for minorities, in reality there are multiple ethnic citizens in each of the political parties. In fact, the current president is not black but multi-racial as his mother was Caucasian. There is even division among family members and spouses!

    The nation has been fractured by special interests groups and greedy people with their own agendas. The politicians encouraged this situation to leverage power and contributions for their own benefit. The lobbyists made a lot of money and the country declined.

    The US has undergone a change where one's view and beliefs are so inflexible that it cannot be changed, even if its wrong or has to be modified for the sake of the country. For example, the loser of a sports game not accepting the fact that they were beaten by a better team is not punished for poor sportsmanship. The losers of an election not supporting the winner should be vilified and not condoned. And lastly, the respect for law and order has been corrupt because people have been allowed to pick and choose what laws they want to obey and the government choosing what laws to ignore.

    You don't have a country without Borders, language, and culture. Here in the US, we are lacking in all of these in one form or another.


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