Friday, January 6, 2017

Finally, up to speed.....

What can I say.  The service was great and except for a tad lower than expected speed, I'm up and running on the Webpass network.  The technician was here a bit late, but in 45 minutes he was done and I now have ultra fast internet access.  The results from Speed Test below:

As you can see, my download speed is 94 Mbps and my upload speed is an incredible 71.6 Mbps, which is quite a contrast to my ADSL service.  Its close to 50X faster!  The neat thing about the installation was that my old line was still using POTS (Plain old telephone service) with broadband DSL.  That meant that I could keep everything I already had plus get the new service on a separate line and jack.  Now, I have TWO internet connections in my condo - my old ADSL service plus my new Webpass connection.  I will likely keep both since my old service was under a special retired employee discount program and its cost is very low.  It will be a great backup in case my high speed line goes down.

Its off to pickup my medical records...more later

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