Friday, January 27, 2017

Had to exchange the Watch....

After struggling with the Gear S3 for a couple of weeks, I finally figured out the only solution was to exchange the watch for another one specifically designed for T-mobile.  Even after getting an unlock code from AT&T and unlocking the watch, the T-Mobile activation system could not activate the watch because it did not have the right ICI number for its software.  In other words, there is technically nothing stopping the watch to be used on the new network, its the carrier's automated activation system that is preventing the phone to come onto its network, even though the watch is unlocked.  Other users on the online boards have activated the unlocked watches in countries outside the US, but the US carriers don't support unlocked watches.

To stop the ongoing hassle between calling Samsung, T-Mobile, and AT&T, I decided to take advantage of Samsung's 30 day return policy and returned the AT&T version and ordered a new T-mobile version. However, its back ordered and won't ship for another couple of weeks.  At least its now a matter of coordinating returns and waiting for shipment instead of provisioning system software changes among giant carriers.  I would be upset except that I was once an employee of one of these big companies and I know how slow things work internally...its a nightmare to change systems - especially one that is customer facing.  It will take months for them to figure out how to get it done.

Still in limbo.

Still haven't heard from Cleveland Clinic.  I am currently in their 'review' stage and when I contacted the resource nurse via chat yesterday, they told me it takes 2-3 weeks.  Next Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I've now been here in California for over a month and still in limbo.  If it weren't for the center's great reputation for expert care and service (once you get in), I would have given up and gone elsewhere.

Once I hear from them, I will be able to get a specific surgery date and then maybe get a chance to hop back to the LOS for a while.  I'm really missing my family and especially the kids.

Yep...I have the Bangkok blues....

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