Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just Chilling Out.....

Just chilling out and waiting for a call from Cleveland Clinic.  Sent all the stuff they asked for last week and according to FedEx, they have it already.  Now its a matter of them reviewing the chart and videos and deciding if they want to take me as a patient.  The good thing is that I'm still asymptomatic with just occasional heart palpitations.  I still try to work out every day when weather and motivation permits.  Its just a waiting game at this point.

Got five volumes done.  Unfortunately, any book over 400 pages has to be softcover

Got an offer from Blog2print to convert this blog into book form at a 50% discount.  I used this service a couple of years ago and the results were very good.  I put eight years of posts into five volumes, complete with pictures and bound them in hardcover when possible.  My logic back in 2015 to put all my posts in print was based on the fact that digital media is perishable.  A system crash or a decision by a vendor to stop supporting the platform can destroy years of work.  But having it on paper, its almost permanent unless it gets destroyed or wears out.  Consider it insurance in case of a technology hiccup.  

Today, I made two more books, one for 2015 and the other for 2016.  Each book normally cost about $200 USD, but with the discount, I got both years for under that price.  You actually create an electronic copy of your book to review before you order and can make changes if you don't like the layout.  Here is a sample for those compensating getting your stuff in 'real print".  

Yes, there is an index for all your posts

Realized I already had 2014 so this book was cancelled

In a few years maybe, and definitely decades from now, Blogger will likely cease to exist, but I can give these books to my children to help them remember how we lived life the fullest together.  Its our history in narrative form and hopefully a little bit of insight into how I felt during this period to time. As for the cost, a Mastercard commercial once said...some things are "priceless"

The website for the book site is:  Blog2print.com.  Try using the promo code "MISSYOU" but it will expire by the 19th so you have to move on this offer soon.

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