Sunday, January 29, 2017

Loading up on Ammo

The craziness of the bay area never ceases to surprise me.  I found out today that my tiny little city is a 'sanctuary' city.  The city council quickly voted for a resolution to make the city a 'welcoming' city just prior to Trump signing the executive order on the same topic.  We have a population of just over 10,000 residents - a few city blocks by San Francisco standards, and yet our politicians want to get into the fray.  Its noticeable because of the recent change in council members towards a more liberal mix.  Our tiny little city might lose up to 1.5 million in federal funds.

Our little city is also one that is still allowing the purchase of ammo online, at least until 2018 when it is completely banned in the entire state. That policy might change here shortly with the new council members too so that is why the urgency to stock up quickly. After this year, the only way to get ammo is to go to a store where a background check can be done for every purchase over so many rounds.  So to that end, I am continuing to stock up on ammo as quickly as possible to avoid the hassle and extra cost.

So this week, I am expecting a 'generous' shipment of .223 ammo for my ARs and plan to order more 9mm for my other handguns next week.  If they ever bust me for something, I can see the news saying "He had enough ammo to start a war".  My proclamation here and now:  I am not hoarding to start a war, only to save money and avoid the hassle and bans on my second amendment right to bear arms. Plus if you live in area of Sanctuary cities where lawlessness has been declared, it only makes sense to be able to protect oneself when the rule of law breaks down.  Lastly, I am not a kook !...a bit odd, but definitely not a Rambo type kook..555  Besides, if things go badly and all hell breaks loose and money is worthless, bullets make a great bartering item - even better than gold...

The left is still in the denial and anger stages of grief  (shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) over the victory by Trump.  Some are already in the depression stage, but soon it will be over as they face the fact that nothing can be done for the next four or maybe eight years.  So many politicians are trying anything to derail his agenda irregardless of what their constituents think.  Its going to take some time and maybe some kind of confrontation before its all finished.  It happened in the 60s over civil rights...maybe this time federal troops will be called in to enforce immigration laws in these cities.   

Lastly, if Kalifornia decides to exit the US, I will also exit - Kalifornia.  I wanted find a good reason to leave this crazy state and that might just be enough to push me out completely.  Besides, home nowadays is the Land of Smiles and Kalifornia is just someplace I need to call a 'legal residence'.

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