Thursday, January 5, 2017

Riding through the storms

Last year's snowpack...even more this year - lots more

Its been a stormy week here in Northern California, with high wind and rains almost every day this week and the weekend promising to be even worse. There is record snow in the mountains and chains are required at the summits.  In my younger days, I would be extremely happy because it meant great ski conditions await.  But I am no longer young and the thought of getting on the slopes again is met with equally contrary thoughts about my weaken knees and joints being unable to withstand the stress.  I was quite a good skier in my younger days taking on all the 'expert' black diamond slopes. But the ski lodge is probably more exciting nowadays. Ski resorts should consider the concept of senior slopes...I guess they do, but they call them 'bunny' slopes (so you can take your grand kids and children) so that you can avoid even more humiliation..555

As great as the snow is this year, its out of the question for me this year as I make arrangements for my heart operation.  Can't risk getting sick before the operation and have been pretty much staying in except to go out and buying essentials.  I'm expecting to send out all my records via FEDEX today to the Cleveland Clinic and should have an appointment date sometime next week.

Since I am housebound due to the weather, my current projects are to get my fiber connection installed (due today), and then finish setting up my new Samsung Gear S-3 Frontier watch.  I skipped the whole Apple watch craze because it cost too much, the design was really ugly, and I didn't have an iPhone.  However, I was excited when I saw the new Gear S3 Frontier and ordered it before I left the land of smiles.  After being backordered for over a month, it finally arrived yesterday.  Unlike its former releases, the S3 finally has the kind of design, specs, and price that made me interested.

Got the watch all set up except for my AT&T number sync.  That's the feature that allows you to walk around with just your watch and use it to take and make calls without your phone being nearby or even turned on.  Essentially, its finally a real watch/mobile phone on your wrist.  It will be great for my walks during my anticipated rehabilitation after heart surgery.  Good way to call friends and family if something happens but 911 and other emergency services do not work with this arrangement.  Yes, it will be internet enabled, using your existing phone's data plan.

Called home yesterday and both B and Marina are sick with colds.  Something is going around in the Land of Smiles and many people are getting sick due to the weather and contagious conditions.  Be careful if you are visiting and stay healthy!

Maybe more later with my new fiber connection.  

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