Saturday, January 14, 2017

Scary Database for those who want to stay private

There is a new website called that has recently been released that might shock and dismay those who want to remain private.  Its name implies a genealogy purpose, but in reality, it provides a portal to lots of personal information.  For clarification to the many international readers of this blog, this website is limited only to people who currently live, or have previously lived in the United States.  As with other credit or investigative websites, it provides previous addresses, relatives and their addresses, plus other public and some private information.  The big kicker to this is that it is both free and no sign-up is required.  Just pop in a name and get all the horrid details.  There is a way to op-out so if you are worried about your privacy, please check this site out and do what you must do. 

Aunt doesn't look too happy in this picture...555

It was Children's day in the land of smiles today, and I was really sad to have missed it.  B and her aunt took Marina out to the Zoo today in Bangkok.  It was free admission and the turnout was great. Hopefully I will make it next year.  

Local firearms Shooting and Safety program
Some of the local BIB

B is in the mango to order shirts for our local Police sports team. We have supplied team uniforms for our local police events, teams and schools for a couple of years now and its a great way to advertise and promote goodwill for the resort.  They are inexpensive at wholesale malls like Bobae and the stores behind MBK near the National Stadium.  We have an excellent relationship with the local BIB which really helps our business referrals and getting administrative things done quickly.  They even used our resort for a surveillance operation a few years ago when farm tractors were being stolen from the area. Extra shirts are always made up for B and I,  and now we even have them made up for Marina...555

It will be getting cold again in the bay area.  Weather in the 30s and 40s overnight and the strong winter wind just cuts through you like a slap in the face when I go out for my morning walks.  Its also MLK weekend and most of the youner folks are going up to the mountains for the fresh snow to ski. The great thing about living here in Northern California is the proximity to a wide variety of venues.  Its just three and a half hours to the mountains to ski, we have beaches, vineyards, and the coast is beautiful this time of year as there is no fog.  If it weren't for the liberal politics and the weirdos, Kalifornia would be a great place to live (like it was many years ago)...555

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