Saturday, January 14, 2017

Still no word...

Still haven't gotten info from Cleveland Clinic yet.  Haven't heard any complaints about slow or long wait times at the hospital, but I did see one post where someone similar to me had to go on a waiting list for an appointment.  It might be the case as the doctor I am hoping to get treatment from is very busy, but he is arguably the best mitral valve repair expert in the country or even the planet.  If this is going to take some time before I have an actual date, I might make plans to go back to the mango as I don't want to wait here away from family and friends for an undetermined time.

Alternatively, if its not too long a wait, I can make my annual trip down to Vegas for the kite trade show and the Vegas Archery shoot off.  Its just that I thought it would only be a couple of weeks and then I could get it done and head back quickly.  But I am quickly reminded that this is Amerika, and things are a bit different here.

These numbers are a bit outdated.  I know it costs a lot more than when this was published.
Plus valve repair is not listed, but its a bit higher than replacement.

I hesitate to get the procedure done in the LOS because I don't want to forfeit my Medicare and insurance benefits here in the US. If it isn't urgent and dangerous to wait, why shouldn't I get it done at one of the best hospitals and surgical units in the world?   When I last checked, the entire procedure is around $164,000 and can go up to $200K USD, not including doctor's fees.  The procedure will be around 30K if it were to be done in one of Thailand's top end hospitals (over 1 million baht).  For that amount, I will just wait my turn as I am still in the category of early stage surgery requirement and have no physical distress or limitations on activities.


Just got the timeline from one of the resource nurses at the hospital.  Typically takes two weeks for the review after all the documentation is received.  Then it takes at least one month before surgery is scheduled - it can be shorter or longer depending on medical need.  For typical non-urgent, r/t or insurance cases (like mine) it can be longer and the future dates can be mutually negotiated and set. So it looks like I might just have to go back to the mango and wait a couple of months for my surgery date....oh that just breaks my heart (pun intended). I will know more sometime in the next week or so, since my records have been in a week already.

Maybe time to pack the bags....yippee !!

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