Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Gadget guy.......

First of all, Gung Hay Fat Choy and Sun Neen Fai Lok.  Translated, it means "May you get rich (or successful) and have a happy/peaceful New Year.  Also happiness and good health to you and all your loved ones.

With that finished, its time for some new gadget info.

If you get the impression I like new gadgets, you're right.  After yesterday's post about the Samsung watch, I received an email from one of the projects I backed more than a year ago on KickStarter. KickStarter is a crowd funding site that allows people to back promising or interesting products in exchange for big discounts and early product release.  Sure, you can back a product that never gets off the ground, but I've backed a number of projects including a bullet proof baseball cap, a VPN box, etc., that have all been successful.  The email I got yesterday was from LightPhone, one of the projects I backed for only $100.

The Light Phone is a small, credit card sized and shaped mobile phone that integrates with your existing smartphone.  Its a minimalist phone designed to only receive and make calls independent of your smartphone location.  For example, you can go to the beach and leave your smartphone at home and still receive/make calls.  Your callers will still see your main number when you call them back. Here is the link to their website:  LightPhone.  Anyway, the email said the early release products have been shipped and they even gave me a tracking number for my very own unit.

The original backers also get five months of integration service and a simcard free (so you can get/make calls from your smartphone).  Afterwards, its going to cost $5 per month.  I kind of see it as having an emergency phone in your wallet or a very simple and basic phone extension when you don't need or want that big display, expensive, and fancy smartphone with you.  It can be a life saver if you lock yourself out of your car/house with your smartphone inside.  How about those days when you just plain forget to bring your phone somewhere because its still on the charger?

Lots of possibilities and fun ahead and another gadget to play.  More reviews of this after it comes in. Its due here next week.

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