Saturday, February 25, 2017

Back in the mango

Actually got back yesterday afternoon, but was so tired that I wanted to take a nap before going for a two hour foot massage and then afterwards to the Friday night buffet.  My quick nap ended up being a long nap and I missed the massage completely.  

I met up with Bangkok buddy and a few others at the buffet, and chicken stew, rice, and fresh fruit was on the menu.  Afterwards, BB and I made our way over to the Ranch.  As it turned out, the place was packed.  It seems like its popularity has grown leaps and bounds and people are getting there early.  It was only around 9PM and it was wall to wall people and we just managed to find two seats at the main bar.  The scoop here is that one must get here early as the early birds always get the biggest worms.  

Had my usual coke and popcorn and our waiter Somchai was his big smiling self like always.

We don't serve your kind here......

There were the days before the Ranch changed venues, when one could toss a football across the place and not hit anyone. But it was the most fun in its heyday when it was like the Star Wars bar with its associated savory characters and anything could happen at any moment. There was also a time when one couldn't stay inside very long due to the smoke. But now its packed every night, the customers are different, the air is clean, and the lights are even brighter.  The owners are making lots of money and definitely smiling a lot nowadays.  Only stayed an hour or so and left to go home just after 10 pm.  Definitely getting a lot older these days...555

Only a quick post this morning as I am heading over to the charity BBQ to meet up with Barnaby and BB. Hopefully I can get some pics and do a post later, else it will be later.

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