Monday, February 20, 2017

Busy first day back.....

Met up with Barnaby and Bangkok buddy yesterday.

Barnaby and I had a late breakfast/early lunch at the McD out near On Nut.  We picked that spot because he is having some difficulty walking stairs due to a medical issue.  Otherwise he looked great and we did some catching up on local and world events.  I chat with Barnaby using LINE quite regularly,  but face to face contact is always better.  His lodge is sponsoring a charity BBQ next weekend and I have a couple of extra tickets (Free to you).  Funds are going to a help local school kids.  If you are in BKK and want them, please drop me a message or comment on how we can get it to you.  

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Afterwards, I spent the afternoon unpacking all my bags and separating them into piles by destination.  Using the technique in my previous posts of securing valuable items together, nothing was missing from my checked bags, even though there was a TSA inspection card in one of my bags.  Ending up taking a big part of the afternoon and before I knew it, it was time for dinner at Oishi with Bangkok Buddy.  

This was kind of a special dinner because it would be the first time Marina has gone to an Oishi buffet.  Being only 3 1/2, she was still free of charge, but boy was she ready for some food.  Getting there early was a plus as there was only a 5-10 minute wait and everything was still in large supply. Marina did us proud by eating her fair share of the great buffet.

Marina was kinda shy with Uncle BB present...555

Oishi (Rama 9) has changed a bit since the last time we came.  First, the little metal clip system with the table number is gone.  In its place is a large card with a barcode containing your table number.  To order a special item, one takes the card over to the cooking area, scan the card under the scanner, and then a display screen will give you choices as to quantity and the type of dish desired. The food will then get delivered to your table like before. The raw ingredients like meats and veggies in trays are no longer available for custom dishes.  There is also a new dessert section which is quite good. Big thanks to Bangkok buddy who treated us last night - great guy that he is.  

Some of the sample risers from Blacktail

The plan is to do a bit of relaxing today to get over jet lag and maybe go out to the archery range to test out my new take down longbow.  It came in during my stay in Kalifornia after waiting nearly ten months for it to be built.  Its one of the first batch of this model and its gorgeous.  I will have some picture of it in a later blog.

Tentative plans are to go up to the resort on Tuesday morning and stay a couple of days or as scheduling permits.  That's the nice thing about the land of rush and everything is as schedule permits....late?..., mai phen rai!

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