Sunday, February 5, 2017

Do Mosquitoes love you?

If you are coming to the land of smiles soon (or often), do you have something in you that attracts mosquitoes from miles around?  I do.  Mosquitoes love me, and if there is one nearby, she will soon find me and make me her next meal.  I joke with B when I go upcountry that the mosquitoes are bored with Thai food all the time and when Chinese food turns up, they go berserk.  Many mosquitoes are sneaky enough to even bite through loose knit clothing!

To combat the problem, I've been wearing insect repellent clothing during mosquito season. That seems to work, but the clothing is expensive and not always the right kind of style for my needs.  For example, I would like to wear our silk screened resort polo and still have the bug protection.  When I was browsing the web for shirts to bring back without much luck, I had an epiphany.  Why not just buy the stuff that is used to treat the clothing instead?  Then you can put it on the stuff you normally wear and it will be insect proof!  You can save a bunch of money because you already have the clothes you like or you can just coat any new stuff you buy without having to pay the premium price for the insect protection.

$14.71 USD on Amazon

Luckily, such a product does exist, and it fairly cheap and available on Amazon! Its called Permethrin, and its EPA approved for use on clothing. Here is a link to an article about its use and some of its characteristics.  Contained within the article is the link to Amazon for the product or you can just click on the image above.  Each bottle will treat several garments depending on size.  

Superbowl Sunday

Unlike last year when the Superbowl was held here in the Bay Area, its relatively quiet in this part of the woods.  The local team had a terrible year and the coach was fired and replaced with a new one. Once again, my attention will not be focused on the game itself, but the commercials. Unfortunately, even those once coveted moments of fun and entertainment are going to be tainted by politics.  So the jury will be out - who will have the best commercial and do it with the class and distinction of those in the past?  

Maybe its time to focus on Football again.  Prediction:  Falcons 31-28 in overtime.....


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