Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fast commute today

Had a very fast drive up to the resort.  In fact, we got here just after 1PM after getting a late start this morning.  Also stopped at Baan Suan for a restroom break, something to eat, and to buy some pastries.  Lots of people at Baan Suan dressed in black.  These are visitors from the remote parts of the country who came to Bangkok to pay respect to Rama 9 at the Grand Palace and are returning home.  Must have had at least 25 buses so there were hundreds of people there.

A lot has changed in the last two months.  After two years the two lane road from the main highway to Chaiyaphum is finally finished, saving about 30 minutes of driving time.  The old road was a dangerous one lane each way affair with many trucks, forcing a pass around the incoming traffic to get around them. There were many head-on collisions over the years, especially in bad weather or holiday seasons.  Now, its a beautiful road with two lanes each way and a landscaped center divider separating the traffic.  The road takes us within 1.5 miles of the resort and makes access easy and fast.

Tried to take a nap, but there are workers near my bungalow working on the deck of the wooden house we moved over. We are also building a storage shed between the houses to store all the stuff we've accumulated. With the banging and sawing, it was hard to fall asleep so I'm here in the office for a few minutes and hope they finish their work soon.  This was a left over project from last time and they are trying to finish as they won't get paid until they do and we (or I, depending on the project) OK the work.

More tomorrow after I have a chance to scout the place and see what's been done.

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