Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Headed Home with my Light Phone?

Got my tickets yesterday and will be back in the mango in about 2 1/2 weeks.  Had to move the schedule around a bit because of the President's day holiday, but its now all set and done.  My schedule will allow me to stay until late April before returning with enough time for my surgery in May.

Marina dressed in formal dress - Wow she sure grew up fast!

Very glad to get back and spend more time with the family and especially the kids before the surgery. The girls are growing up so fast and just a couple of months away can mean big surprises.  Its good that we have the internet and LINE to shorten the geographical distance. While I am there, I think I will also order another echocardiogram from Bumrungrad to help resolve a big discrepancy between my echo test and my TEE.  The TEE was an interpretative condition with no measurements provided and it was contradicting the echo results.  I am particularly concerned about the LV EF (Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction ) reading.  One showed I was very normal at 68%, and the interpretative report showed I was low or depressed.  The difference is almost 20% less which is like day and night. A third test from someplace I trust is the least I can do for peace of mind because the TEE was done in association with the 'valve factory' I posted about previously.  If indeed my TEE was that bad, the surgeon should not have offered me the procedure he proposed as it would be more risky.

Phone was embedded inside book packaging

Got my light phone in the mail yesterday.  It came uniquely packaged inside a book like box.  The front few pages of this book had some real nice photos of the outdoors - to represent, I'm guessing, the freedom one gets from being detached from one's big cellphone.  Had a bit of trouble getting it set up as the desktop software wasn't working properly.  Sent an email to their support ID and got an almost immediate response.  With their assistance I was able to get it partially working, but the app doesn't seem to be able to see or connect to the phone via the USB cable.  A new software release is due out later this week, but I can currently receive and make calls from my phone but not have it integrated to my existing phone number.

The phone is a little thicker than a credit card.  In fact, its about the thickness of 5 cards stacked together so getting it to fit in the wallet requires some decisions on which cards to carry along.  I tend to carry a lot of loyalty cards, business cards, etc. so some housecleaning of my wallet is something I have to do if I want to carry it around all the time.

That's it for now, more later as I start packing and getting ready to go home!!!

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