Sunday, February 19, 2017

Home sweet home.....

After a long flight, a long nap, and some dinner its finally setting in that I AM HOME!  

The WiFi package I bought ahead of time for the trip was great.  If you buy it in advance, its only $19.32 USD for 24 hours of access. Got great WiFi speed on both flights.  After setting up my LINE account in Taipei when I finally got cellular service, I was able to do live Chat with Bangkok Buddy on the way from Taipei to Bangkok.  I liked it so much that I will be buying it again on my next flight. 

The normal passport control lines were pretty full as were all the flights from Taipei.  There were 3 or 4 flights coming to Bangkok this morning from Taipei and two flights leaving from SFO to Taipei only 20 minutes apart the night before.  My assumption was that this weekend being President's day weekend, created a larger than normal crowd.  My flights was completely full. Taipei airport was super busy at 6AM so its an indication of  a big travel week for sure.  The good news is that despite all the people traveling this week, I was able to get through passport control, baggage claim, and customs in less than 15 minutes! How so?
Image blurred for privacy? - not - just lousy photography
On this trip I got a special card from the flight attendant during my last segment of the trip.  It was a Priority Lane card.  This card allows one to bypass the normal passport control queue and get serviced at a special Priority Lane.  There were five officers in this lane and the wait was only a couple of minutes.  Once out, my bags were already on the baggage bay and I was out of the airport in record speed.  I believe this is one of the privileges given to EVA Gold card holders.  They also provide a "priority" stamp to clear TSA lines on the other end as well. 

This lane is about 50 meters past the main passport control area and near visa on arrival

Its was a tiring flight and it seems like it gets longer each time as age seems to make traveling harder. Maybe its just all the anticipation during the last few days that has drained my energy - might even be my heart condition.  After meeting up with B and Marina, I got back at the condo and promptly took a five hour nap!  

After the long nap, everyone was hungry so we jumped into a taxi for a local meal.  Unfortunately, everything was closed and we ended up in a Japanese restaurant in Silom. Paid too much, but the food was good.  

Anyway, more tomorrow as I plan on meeting up with Barnaby and Bangkok Buddy to deliver their goodies from the States.

Good night from the land of smiles........

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