Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Actually, its quite nice upcountry the last few days.  Unusual for March as this is normally the time when the high temperatures start to kick in.  It was cool enough for me to put on long running pants for my walk this morning.  It was about 18C at 6 AM, with a slight breeze, so many of the locals had jackets and sweaters on.  A Tee shirt and long pants was perfect for me and the walk was refreshing and very pleasant.  There is a high pressure area in China that is pushing cooler air into the region and should continue for a few days more, especially in the northern part of the country.  

In Bangkok, its a bit warmer and more humid but still really nice for this time of the year. Hopefully we can get back to the mango near the end of the week and stay a bit longer than last time.  The country is a great place to live and raise kids, but I've always been a city boy and crave the excitement of the big city.  Having a choice is the best alternative and we will take advantage of it as long as we can.

B's cousin is doing much better.  I didn't visit her yesterday, but B went over and brought her some food.  She will be in the hospital for a few more days and will likely be taking meds for several more weeks.  No word yet on getting an OB/GYN doctor scheduled yet, but that should happen this week.

2000 liter tank from Home Pro

Took some time to buy some water storage tanks at the local Home Pro yesterday.  We are in the early stages of automating our irrigation system for the bamboo plantation.  The plan is to put two storage tanks on the high ground of the resort and run a drip system on timers to the plants.  Its a real simple gravity fed system with just a single pump to move the water up to the tanks.  Still requires some work as we need to get a concrete pad poured and then set up the drip hoses to all the plants.  Ended up buying two 2000 liter tanks for around 8000 baht each.  20 year guarantee and even food grade (which we didn't need).

I also ordered a whole lot of battery operated timers from AliExpress yesterday so that we could control each row of hoses for precise watering.  Using battery powered timers eliminates the need for any wires or power to the fields and if purchased in bulk, batteries are fairly cheap.  We could also opt for re-chargeable batteries as well, but it may not be worth the trouble if the batteries last a long time between replacement cycles.  Getting the timers from Aliexpress saves a bundle as many of these are sold directly by the manufacturers in China.  Got a dozen timers for under $200 including shipping so there will be some spares.  I want to completely automate all the watering because its a tedious and hot job, especially now that the weather is getting warmer.

Its not all work and no play as Marina and I went out to fly some kites yesterday.  It was a nice day and it wasn't too hot but there was a nice wind blowing.  That means kite flying time.  

Marina flying her kite with Daddy's cool glasses on...555
Work is still underway on the lanai.  Will have some pics and an update tomorrow.

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