Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last Weekend in Town...

View from my condo this morning...Even the Golden Gate Bridge is visible today!

Its my final weekend, and finally the sun has come out.  During my last month here in Kalifornia, I almost forgot how the world looked when the sun was shining. We've had rain or cloudy days for weeks on end, and today it is starting out gorgeous. It a bit chilly and windy, but the views are forever.  Now I remember one of the reasons people choose to live in this crazy state despite the politics.

Started to pack yesterday and boxes of stuff continue to come in at a furious pace.  Will only bring over two large bags instead of three to minimize hassle and bringing stuff back as my next trip to the LOS will be extremely light.  Even bought a new Backpack/Roller combo in anticipation of my having to travel light on my flight back from Cleveland Clinic.  Eagle Creek offers a great system at around 4lbs which can be converted to a backpack for everyday carry.  They have a lifetime gurantee and  was on sale at one online retailer for 60% off so it was a great deal.

Eagle Creek Lync System 22

You would think that with a residence in Thailand that my trips would be a breeze - one single bag since I have clothing and goods on both ends of the bookend.  But instead, I travel packed to the hilt because there are so many things that are cheaper or unavailable on each end.  For example, batteries are cheaper (and better) in the US at Costco.  On the other end, I can pick cheap clothing at a fraction of the cost it would be here in Kalifornia.  Then there are all the food goodies that are local to each end.  One thing is that these trips to Kalifornia keep me connected and refreshes my perspective of life on each end.

Lastly, got this picture last night from B.  Thinks she wants me to rush home quickly...I sure miss these little rascals..

Marina sleeping and taking care of little sis Ella

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