Friday, February 10, 2017

Starting to some safety tips

Its about that time.  One week to go before heading home on the big silver bird.  That also means starting to pack and gather all those things I want to bring back.  This is likely the last trip with big bags until later this year as I will be limited in terms of how much weight I can carry or push on the next trip back to the land of smiles.  Planning on going back with just one small carry on after my heart surgery.  Big change for me as I am usually come back with three max sized bags completely full.

While I was looking at ultra light bags, I ran across this interesting video.  If you have a zippered bags (which I do), this video shows how easy it is for the baggage handlers or the TSA to rip off your stuff and not leave a trace.  All they need is a simple ball point pen.  Fortunately, I have been very lucky to not lose anything on my frequent trips, but this has me thinking about how to protect my stuff.  So the second video is a simple solution for the casual thief.  If someone is determined enough, there is no way to guarantee  your stuff won't be stolen - the best one can do is to deter the easy heist so that they will go on to another target or bag.

Anyway, hope this helps and if it saves you some stuff from being stolen, you can buy me a coke.

There is no reason this tactic can't be used on a larger check in bag.  Just put all your valuable stuff inside the cable lock loop and lock it to the bag frame or something big and awkward in your suitcase.  If they want a specific item, they will have to take out all the other stuff along with it and create a mess trying to get back in.  If you put the cable through a strap loop or the frame, there is no way to get the whole string of items out without some effort.

More as I get closer to departure day.

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