Thursday, February 16, 2017

The last day.........

My little girl would love this - Queen Elsa flying on EVA air....

Its the last day of this trip to Kalifornia.  Tonight is the night I get on that jet plane for the land of smiles and home.  Bags are almost packed after a last minute trip to Costco yesterday and there is time for more stuff if I think of anything today.  Plane leaves at midnight and I should be in the mango around noon on Saturday.  Its supposed to rain today and later this evening so the flight back will likely be a bit bumpy as its normal this time of year.  Not to worry, as I bought the WiFi package again in advance.  Its a couple of dollars cheaper and less than $20 for a 24 hour period.  It will be great on the long segment of the trip from SFO to Taipei, but I'm not sure if its available on the fight from Taipei to Bangkok.  We will report on that during the trip.

The timing to depart looks great as things are getting a bit crazy around here.  Our Prez is getting quite a challenge and he needs to watch not only his backside, but front, bottom, top, etc.  Draining the swamp is proving difficult, and already one casualty has occurred. There are some really dangerous and ugly swamp dwellers who are entrenched and have to be violently rooted out. Ultimately, he will be successful and Washington will be a lot different in eight years than it is now. The war is just underway to take the government back and there will be battles lost, and battles won. I'm expecting large, organized, civil disobedience this summer in many cities.  These will be largely funded by outside groups taking advantage of useful idiots.  Many cities might burn.  Ultimately, it will have to be settled with a forceful response and likely bloodshed before things are resolved.  Law and order must prevail if we are to have a nation.

From the Evening Standard, UK.

What is going on in France is an indication where the US was headed before Trump's election. Paris was once one of the most desired destinations for travelers.  Now its nothing but a scary, lawless cesspool of thugs.  

Bus loads of tourists are robbed inside their tour buses, people are assaulted in the streets, and there are many places where even the police refuse to enter.  I believe that a dramatic change in policy on immigrants and lawless youth will also come about throughout Europe.  Its needed or else a total societal breakdown will occur.  The trouble makers have no fear or respect for authorities and that must be corrected before any kind of law and order can be restored.

Enough rambling for now.  The task at hand is to get ready for my trip home.  Politics be damned!

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