Friday, February 3, 2017

The Left is Freaking Out over this sign of loyalty...

The left is getting all freaked out over this video.  After all the posturing, politics, and yelling, its the guys with the biggest and baddest guns that are always in control.  Thailand was an example of that in living color when the country was taken over by the military a couple of years ago.   Its unlikely a military coup would ever occur in the USA, but the support of the military shows who ultimately has the 'power' in any government.  In fact, the only ones calling for a coup are far left kooks, like comedian Sarah Silverman.  

Any outrage regarding this video should be directed back at those who think burning and denigrating the America flag is a cool thing to do.  These guys flying the Trump flag are the same people who defend that same flag with their lives so you will find very little sympathy for those who object to their actions.  They can fly whatever motivates them to defend our country and our freedom. Allegiance to their Commander in Chief  and head of the military is not a bad thing.

Lastly there is little doubt as who the majority of the law enforcement and military support.  There is also little doubt who the gun owners of America support.  Taken in whole, that is an awful lot of gun owners who support the POTUS.  

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