Monday, February 6, 2017

Was I good or What???

Almost had a perfect 50,000 to 1 prediction in yesterday's blog.  The odds of an overtime game was 894 to 1.  I even predicted the final score at the end of the 4th quarter -  28 points, each. Aside only from the fact that the Patriots won the toss and went on to score, I would have had a prefect prediction. I thought Atlanta would win the coin toss and get a field goal to win.

Would also have made a small fortune if I had made bets in Vegas yesterday.  Would have won two and lost one, but a $10 bet on overtime would have yielded me almost $9,000 USD.  Would have also won the over and under too, and the office pool bet at 100-1.

But then if I really did bet, I would likely have been so far wrong that I would have lost completely because of my greed...!

Great game, great result.  Happy for the Patriots, but the 49ers are still the best in my eye.

As for commercials, my vote goes to the Honda's Year Books. Well done, inspirational, and memorable. It was very prophetic about the game itself too.   

Just 11 more days to go before heading home...........Miss my kids sooooo much.

Marina and Mom at the Movies at MBK today

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