Monday, March 13, 2017

Back to the mango tomorrow or Weds

Going back into the mango in the next couple of days.  Might be as early as tomorrow, situation permitting.  Not really sure I want to stay up here for the next few days as its supposed to be around 102F (39C).  Its not uncommon to be over 40C or more during the hottest time of the year, but fortunately we don't have the humidity like the mango.  Its not as dry as Las Vegas, but its still under 60% in most days.  The reason I like being in the mango is that even if its hot, there are always places to hang out like the malls, coffee shops, and other venues that are air conditioned.

We have air conditioning up country, but the choice of venues are limited.  There are only so many times one can go to Big C, Makro, Home Pro, etc.  Besides, I miss the excitement of the big city and all the things we can do and the places we can go out to eat.

B likes the country, being a country girl and growing up in the area.  She likes to be with the family - hanging out with mom, who is a great sitter for Ella.  Marina likes to hang out with me so we went out together yesterday to Chaiyaphum to go shopping.  She is at the age where she likes to talk to everybody..definitely not a shy girl.  Having a little daughter as a shopping companion makes one automatically a chick magnet...555

The water tower project is moving along and I felt sorry for the guys working yesterday as it was so hot.  The pad has been poured and the main structure is done.  Today, they are going to put a brace or frame around the tank to make sure it doesn't fly off during a windstorm.  We have no worries when the tank is full, but if its empty of water AND the wind is very strong, the tank is light enough to be possibly (but unlikely) to blown off the platform.  If they are far enough along, then we might go to the mango as early as tomorrow.  I will leave it to them and B's father to pull the hoses for the drip system - another job crawling through the bushes in hot weather that I don't enjoy doing.

The Amazon Fire TV box is working well except that the geographic restrictions are stopping some of the programming.  But I do get Netflix and some of their prime programs with no problem. Started watching episodes of 'The 100', which is a series based on some young people sent from an orbiting survival colony to a future earth after a nuclear disaster.  Kind of like a corny 'Lord of the Flies' scenario as the group tries to govern itself and survive unknown perils.  The show is not that great, but I love the forest and scenery in which the show was shot.  From the IMDb info, I believe it was somewhere near Vancouver B.C.  However, I am three years behind in episodes...555

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