Sunday, March 5, 2017

Big City living

Noticed its been a couple of days since I posted.  Time  passes so fast here in the land of smiles, especially when I get back to the big mango.  So much to do and so little time as they say.

On the menu Friday plus fruit

Did meet up with the guys on Friday at the free buffet.  It was good to see Johnnie Walker again. Afterwards, we made our way over to the lobby and then over to the plaza open air bars for a drink (soda for me).  Tried to keep up with all the changes in the area, but I don't do the circuit at the reservation too much these days. It seems like a lot of places have changed hands and names. After a bit of chit chat about things of no great importance, we agreed that we would be meeting Sunday (tonight) for dinner at one of our favorites, Fish Head Restaurant.  We ended our night early as everyone was tired from traveling.

Spent yesterday getting Vanna cleaned, taking a trip to Makro for household supplies and food, and visiting Fortune town to find some ink cartridges.  Failed miserably at Fortune Town to find compatible cartridges for my Espon workforce pro.  The 'real' cartridges cost 4300 baht per set, or almost the cost of getting a new printer.  Its a classic case where the razor blades cost more than the rasor itself.  Decided I would look online on the Chinese websites for something that would work. After about 2 hours of visiting every printer shop and asking questions, I gave up and decided to have some dinner.  

Pretty decent steak, not too tough, and grilled to order

Found a place on the basement level of Fortune Town that served  pretty decent beef.  Its called Chokdee Steak (Good Luck Steak) and I had a pretty decent "Mexican Sirloin" and soda for only 168 baht.  It was a thin piece of steak, but perfect for someone who is watching his weight.  Its not easy to find a place where a single guy can sit and have a meal in a mall as Thais like to dine out with company.  If you are alone, you are relegated to places like food courts, big chains, or noddle shops.  This steak place did have a lot of  single customers dining alone, which is good for those in the area for shopping and are alone.

Plan to go out to IKEA and Mega Bangna late this morning.  Looking for some stuff to use at the resort.  Afterwards, a trip back to meet up with the guys for dinner.

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