Thursday, March 9, 2017

Busy Morning

JW commented to me the other day, "you do real work up there don't you?"  The short answer is yes.

There is real work up here when there is a small resort to run, a bamboo plantation in the works, a jungle market being landscaped, and three fish ponds that need to be ready for some fish soon.  Some of it is maintenance, and a larger portion of the work is new work to enhance the property.

Right now, the focus is on automating the irrigation for most of the property to save labor.  That takes some infrastructure work such as setting up storage tanks, running PVC pipes, and getting electrical power to the new pumps.  It will also require that we elevate one of the tanks about 3 meters on a custom built metal stand so that we can get enough pressure to irrigate the resort and the market.  Talked to the contractor this morning about the plans and he seems like a nice guy to work with.  The cost of the job will be 450 baht per day for labor plus we buy the materials.  A good deal by any standard since he did a knock up job on the bamboo plantation last week.  Since it slow from a farming perspective at this time of year, extra helpers are available for 300 baht per day as needed.

Put up the wall mount yesterday for the new TV I bought the other day.  Will hang it later tonight when B father is free.  I tested the new TV system and it worked great using the internet service we have.  Watched a lot of YouTube live feeds with no buffering.  The next thing to try is my FireTV box.  I have NetFlix already and with my VPN router flashed, I will get all I will need from the other apps and more.  Don't want however, to end up being a TV junkie when there is so much else to do here.  After all, wasn't the purpose of being in the land of smiles to get away from all that madness on the Tube?

The weather changed yesterday and it began to get cloudy with thunder coming down sporadically. That cancelled the plans for the trip to the waterfalls.  Today, it was much cooler in the morning so in addition to my morning walk, I went out back and shot about 100 arrows from my new bow.  It feels like Island weather again today and they say it should last a couple of days.

A revised picture from this morning in better light

The big excitement from the family last night was putting Ella into the Jolly Jumper for the first time. Ella is a very active baby and likes to push off on her walker and is starting to crawl.  The Jolly Jumper is a hand me down from big sis Marina.  I brought it over from the USA when Marina was around Ella's age because it wasn't available here in the Land of Smiles at the time.  They are available here now, but cost over 10,000 baht (I bought mine on sale for $50 USD!)  Grandma packed it away, along with most of Marina's clothing because she just "knew" we would have another girl she said.  

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