Saturday, March 11, 2017

Few more days...

Then it will be back to the mango for a bit.  The guys are starting the water tower today, pouring the foundation for the tank.  Its not going to be a trivial tower, being three meters high and having to support over two tons of weight (4,400 lbs).  That is the weight of a large truck and we don't want it to be crashing down in the wind or a big storm.

Looks like the guys are building some footing for the legs before pouring the pad.  Once this tower is finished, it will be used to irrigate the resort and the market, which is three meters higher in elevation than the bamboo fields.  It will have its own feeder pump and timers to alternate between the resort and the market.  All the watering is currently done manually so it will save a ton of work each day for our workers.

This Wat is about 2KM from our resort

The monks working on another structure on the Wat grounds

The contractor is someone we are considering to build the pagoda building for the new market. He is an expert mason and is famous for making artificial wood structures, trees, and faux stone signs from cement.  I saw some of his work at the local Wat and he is quite talented.  Supposedly, he was trained by one of the old monks who was an expert and avid maker of these kinds of structures.  These are the same kind of sculptured buildings you see at Disneyland and other places where wood is not practical.  In Disney's case, they get the best of the best for their contractors - we are just hoping to get the best in our area.  

A bathroom on the Wat grounds
Our new structure is a bit easier and I want to build the frame from steel tubing and have him apply a faux bamboo veneer on all the exposed surfaces, making it look like a bamboo structure without the headache of continuous maintenance and worry over pests, such as termites and ants.

The building, which is really not that big, will be used for selling drinks and eventually bamboo related products and gifts.  It will be the center point for the Jungle market and our landmark as seen from the road.  Construction is still a bit down the road (after my heart surgery for sure), but getting the right people for the job is something we can do ahead of time.  We want to make sure our market looks like a 'jungle market', even if its really steel and concrete underneath.

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